Here  at A & E we aim to provide not only quality products but at an affordable price.

After buying through local retailers we found our feed and bedding cost going up and up  so we decided to  find out what it would cost to buy direst when we did we found it was a lot cheaper so we set up a group on face book so we could pass this  saving on  to others

we are not only here for food but advice too so if you would like to know anything  or have a question please feel free to ask we have a list of what brands we carry  on  our  products page   and remember if you don’t see what you are looking for please ask


please remember we have limited space 

so all orders must be in no later than Saturday evening 

to guarantee it get included in the order 

we support  the 


 as well as 

UK German Shepherd   Rescue 

please Google them for more info